Learn how to use RealEye.io - distributed webcam eye-tracking platform.

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Running study

When you are happy with your study settings, please click the Next button and you’ll see Choose testers window. It enables you to choose how many testers you would like to invite. There are two types of testers - ones provided by RealEye and your own. Results from RealEye testers will appear max within the next business day. To invite your own testers you’ll get a special URL to send them - all they need is a computer with a webcam.

You can also add more testers if you don’t have enough and your subscription allows you to do so - click buy more option next to testers counter. Additional own tester costs 0.5$ each, and additional RealEye tester costs 2$ each.

After buying testers, go back to the study draft, once again click the Next button and choose the number of testers. You’re now on the third step of the study timeline. While waiting on the first result you’ll see an invitation link for your testers (if you chose ones) and a link redirecting to our support center on how to analyze data.

Once the first results appear (it doesn’t matter if these results are from your own tester or RealEye tester), you get an email about that.

Refresh study page or click Check Results Now! button to see the fourth step on the study timeline - Analyze results. On this page you can see study settings, invite URL (if you chose your own testers), real-time recording list (how many testers have done the test and their recordings) and items preview. You can also add more testers for this study and, of course, click the Finish study button to end the study. You can analyze results collected so far (after refreshing a page newest results will appear) at any time or wait until all testers finish their tests.

See: Finishing study