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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

How to set a default microphone

For Hosted Sessions, it's required for host and participant to have the right microphone set in your operating system, for a proper voice recording. Here's how to do it for Windows 10.

NOTE: It's recommended that the host and participant use headphones with a microphone to avoid recording echo.

First, please right-click the sound icon in your notification area and select “Open Sound settings”.

A window with settings will open (the Sound tab). Find the "Choose your input device" option and choose the right microphone from the list. Then simply close this window.

Here's how to do it for Mac: https://hirevuesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028433311-Microphone-Settings-Mac-Apple-

You may also check if there is a correct microphone set in your browser. For Chrome, please go to its settings and find the "Privacy and security" tab. Then choose "Site Settings" -> "Permissions" -> "Microphone" and check/choose the device from the list.