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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Finish on keystroke (IAT/IRT studies)

The "Finish on keystroke" option is a similar feature to the "finish on click" option. Both ends item display (image or video) after a participant makes an action:

  • click on the mapped area,
  • press any key on a keyboard (especially useful for IAT/IRT studies).

If a participant won't click/press a key, the item display will end after set "display time".

You can turn on the option in the item settings (it's turned off by default) while creating the study:

You can not choose which keys can be pressed, the "finish on keystroke" option ends the item display after pressing ANY key. But you can give the instructions before each item, i.e.:

Press "A" if you like the image and "L" if you don't.

You'll see which keys were hit (and after what time) on the participant's results, after clicking the "See test flow" button: