Learn how to use RealEye.io - distributed webcam eye-tracking platform.

Adam Cellary
Written by Adam Cellary

Creating Study in 3 stpes

Get your study up and running in just a few minutes.

Creating study with RealEye is really simple and you can get actionable results even within a few minutes from now.

To create the most simple study, sign up to and choose to create a new study.

Now upload images you wish to test by dragging them to a selected area or provide URL for a screenshot. After a successful upload, you can set several options for each item:

  • short instruction for tester
  • display time
  • enable/disable the ability to scroll while test
  • enable/disable the ability to click on image

You can preview your study anytime to see if it meets your requirements.

Next step is to choose the number of testers. RealEye testers will participate as soon as your study starts and you’ll get results within a few hours (usually 2-3 hours). You can invite your own testers with special URL and get results from them immediately. All they need to have is a laptop/PC with webcam

After successful payment, you'll access your study dashboard. Here (in case you purchased your own tester) you can get invitation link

Start analyzing data on actionable heatmaps immediately after you'll get first results from RealEye or own testers by clicking on selected image.

... and access your testers recordings via the same panel

Check full category about running a study with more advanced options in our support section